Perumparamba Sri Mahadeva Temple

Perumparampu Sri Mahadeva Temple is located at Edappal in Malappuram district. The main deity of the temple is Shiva in the sanctum sanctorum facing west. It is believed that this temple is one of the 108 Shiva temples of Kerala and is installed by sage Parasurama dedicated to Shiva. The temple is located around 8 km away from Edappal on the route of Edappal - Parappuram - Ayankalam Road. The main sanctum santorium is two storey building shape of square in Kukkudakruthy styled and is centuries old. Sri Parashurama is believed to have started this shiva lingam at ancient Paraparampu village.

Perumparamba Siva Temple is one of the famous among 108 Siva temples in India and historically important Temple in Kerala. This i is an Ancient Temple having more than 1500 years old and is believed to have been built by the Siva Booth Gana’s (The Lord Siva’s Disciples) in a span of one night. The temple Architecture and structure underline the facts tell by the Legends and Myths. The main investiture (Prathishta) of this temple is Lord Siva. The Siva in very angry mood and the living being in this area were suffering severely and hence to seek god’s held they decided to do a big puja called Deva Preshna, in this they realized Lord siva was in very angry mood an only Vishnu can calm his anger. A Lord Vishnu temple built in opposite of the (Face to Face) Siva temple and helped the people get rid of the miseries Lord Ayyappa, Dakshina Murthy, Bala Ganapathi, Ganapathi, Navagraha’s , Nagaraja and Nagayakshi are the sub-investiture (Upa Deva’s) .of this Temple. Today the temple regaining the golden age proud and prestige’s, with the helps from devotes and the well wishers of the temple. The renovation works are in the final stage and still required more than 50 lakhs to complete the proposed works. We All invite all the people & devotees of the Lord Siva to this ancient Temple and get blessed with the darsan of “Agoramoorthy”

Sri Premparamba Siva Temple


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The Chairman,
Perumparamba Siva Temple
A/C no. 1138101027240
IFSCode: CNRB0001138
Canara Bank, Edapal
Money Orders
The Chairman,
Perumparamba Siva Temple,
Perumparamba ( P. O)
Edapal, Malappuram, Kerala – 679576

Affliation : Hinduism

Deity : Siva

Festivals : Maha Sivaratri


Location : Edappal

District : Malappuram

State : Kerala

Country : India

Geographic : 10.803108°N

Coordinates : 75.9958814°E


Type : Kerala Style

Completed : Reconstructed in 2010

Monument(s) : 1

Perumparamb Siva Temple

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